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December, 2011
February, 2009

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Inaugural Issue of JMTAI

February, 2009

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Journal of the Music-Thanatology Association International (JMTAI). This e-publication is an evolving entity, designed for the edification and inspiration of those who have a connection to, or are working in the field of music-thanatology. Each issue will expand or contract based on submissions received, and will include a main feature, as well as smaller articles which will fall under the heading of Perspectives. These articles are devoted to the musical, medical, spiritual/ psychological, thanatological or clinical themes that make up the interdisciplinary art of the work. We are also introducing a section called Readers Write where we invite the written musings of our readership on a focused topic.

The layout and format of the journal is electronic, but there is a “print version” button available for each section page, for those who would like to print paper copies. If you like what you read, please invite others to visit this site. Subscriptions for this inaugural issue are free and open to the public, however copyright law does apply, so please be thoughtful of the author when sharing his/or her work. If you have citation questions, please use the Contact Form.

This issue, Volume I, Issue I, contains one article, one hiaku, and two images that invite you to reflect on the theme for 2009: What is music-thanatology? If you would like to add your work to the next issue in this volume, please visit the submissions page for details.

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