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December, 2011
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The Journal of the Music-Thanatology Association International is an evolving entity, designed for the edification and inspiration of those who have a connection to, or are working in the field of music-thanatology. The current e-publication design provides space for articles and images devoted to the interdisciplinary work of music-thanatology, including smaller articles devoted to each perspective: musical, medical, spiritual/ psychological, thanatological and clinical, with one, interdisciplinary article as the main story. It is our plan to have every article reviewed by an expert in the field (so an article focused on the medical perspective will be reviewed by a licensed medical professional who works with the dying). But as scholarly articles are not the sole purpose of this journal, we invite you to submit whatever prompts your heart, incites your creativity, fuels your calling, or stimulates your brain. We are interested in publishing clinical narratives, poetry, reflections, music, even artwork in addition to articles. Submissions by students, friends, the general membership of MTAI, or by any clinical/ thanatological/ musical professional whose work you feel could advance the field of music-thanatology will be considered—so please pass on the word! We will even seek permission to republish articles from other publications that you suggest will be useful to our membership.

While the inaugural volume of the JMTAI seeks to answer the question, “What is music-thanatology?” over the course of 2009, we ask you to submit ANY music-thanatology related article/ artwork/ poetry/ music you desire at this time. As we gather submissions, we are hoping to group them into over-arching themes for future issues: perhaps light, or breath, or alchemy. Imagine an article on pain management that also speaks about the alchemy of the patient! We encourage you to use this opportunity to participate, to give of yourself, to reflect upon your work or your experience. If you have any interest in being a regular contributor for a particular perspective (such as the spiritual/ psychological, musical, medical, etc.) please indicate your interest in your e-mail.

To make a submission, please send an e-mail directed to (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and write “submissions” in the subject line, along with which department you would like your writing/ artwork to be considered (Feature Article, Perspectives, Readers Write, etc). Please include your name, your association with the MTAI, and your contact information (including phone numbers on BOTH your e-mail and within your attached document). Articles should be submitted in Word format, with an approximate 1500 word count maximum for smaller articles, and about 2500-3000 word count maximum for potential feature articles. But please, don’t sweat the exact number. If an article is a paragraph too long or a paragraph too short for a particular issue, we will contact you. Images should be submitted as jpg or gif images at a 72 dpi resolution. If you submit music to be shared, please send it both as a pdf file for high resolution, full page printing, and as a 72 dpi resolution jpg or gif to be included as a smaller image within the context of a story.

Thank you so very much for your willingness to consider sharing your experiences and clinical expertise with us all.